Cuando la música se mete adentro

Nueva y revolucionaria forma de escuchar música!

Conecte un vibrador a su reproductor de mp3!

El nuevo vibrador OhMiBod vibra al ritmo de la música!

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Q: How does this vibrator work?
A: Its simple. Just plug the splitter into your iPod®, mp3 or music player and then plug both your earbuds and the 5ft. freedom cord into the splitter. Connect the other end of the freedom cord to the vibrator and you are "ready to rock and roll".

Q: How do I control the level of vibes?
A: The intensity of the vibrations are driven in part by a) the volume of the music and b) the type of music genre. Just use the volume wheel on your iPod® to adjust the level of vibes. The lower the volume the softer the vibrations, increase the volume to intensify the vibes.

Q: Do certain volume levels work better then others?
A: The sweet spot on volume is between 50% and 75% volume depending on battery strength.

Q: How do I know what music works well with OhMiBod?
A: The quick answer is that most music works well. But you want to see what has worked well for others visit our Club Vibe section on the website. From there, we have DJs who have mixed music specifically for OhMiBod. We also have links into iTunes™ where other OhMiBod users have created and posted their favorite playlists (iMixes) for you to check out and/or buy! Just search OhMiBod in the iMix section of iTunes™ store.

Q: Can couples use this vibrator?
A: Absolutely! In fact, we have had a lot of customers say that their husbands/boyfriends/girlfriends will hear a song on the radio or in a club and can't wait to "play" that song together. - from a customer testimonial "…I will never listen to music the same way again"

Q: Does OhMiBod just work with iPod® music players?
A: No. It can be used with other mp3 players, but OhMiBod has been designed for optimal level of vibrations at normal listening levels specifically for the Apple iPod® product line. Oh…You can also use OhMiBod with CD players, your computer, Yahoo Videos, Sony PSP….whatever has a normal 3.5mm audio out option like that on your iPod®.

Q: Do certain songs work better than others?
A: Yes. There are some songs that have long pauses or not much in terms of beat or rhythm…but it really depends on your taste in music and what turns you on in terms of vibrations.

Q: Can I use the vibrator without any music device?
A: You bet ya! Yes…you really get two products in one! Included with your OhMiBod is an additional end cap that can turn your OhMiBod into a traditional multi-speed vibrator. All you need to do is remove the audio input end cap and replace it with the multi-speed end cap.

Q: Can I use the vibrator without my earbuds in?
A: Absolutely. You don't have to listen to the music - you can simply plug in OhMiBod directly into your iPod without the splitter. Use the volume wheel again to adjust the intensity of the vibes. You can generally power OhMiBod up by cranking the music to 100% - just don't put your earbuds in! The higher the volume the stronger and more constant the vibrations!

Q: Can I use OhMiBod with docking stations like the iHome™ or Bose SoundDock®?
A: Yes…but it depends on the model iPod® that you have. As long as the dock does not interfere with the audio out jack, you can plug your OhMiBod into it. If for example you have an iPod® nano and you are plugging that into a Bose SoundDock®…you cannot use your OhMiBod because the audio out jack on your nano is located at the base where it sits in the docking station.

Q: Can I use OhMiBod in the car?
A: The simple answer is yes - but we don't recommend it (could be a bit distracting to your driving). But if you are a passenger - we say go for it! Listen to the music through your stereo and play along to make the trip go faster!

Q: Is the OhMiBod waterproof?
A: No. We do not recommend getting this very fun toy wet!